Sunday, July 6, 2008

Super fun 30 minute Kids' backpack

I saw this patch at a shop in Oakridge, Or and just had to have it for my nephew, who has been a veggie-lover since before he had teeth to chew. It was the perfect size for a little backpack that he could use to carry his own books and toys on a trip with his mom and baby brother.

I sewed the patch to another piece of canvas that was about 4-6 inches longer than the actual patch and just a bit wider. I sewed the bottom of the patch to the end of the other canvas piece that matched the width of the patch. I then folded the top of the patch up to meet the other end of the long strip of fabric that resulted when I sewed the patch to the new piece of canvas. The printed side of the patch should face in (wrong sides out). Iron the back pack so that there is a 1/2 - 1 inch strip showing below the patch. In this case, that makes the bottom of the bag a darker fabric (possibly hiding a bit of dirt and also nicely showcasing the patch). Seam the sides and make "triangle corners" (as pictured in this blog) in the bottom of the bag. Fold the top down and stitch in either matching or contrasting thread all the way around the opening of the bag (if you're being really tidy, you can make a casing so there are no raw edges on the top, or use pinking shears to keep the edge from fraying). Use a snap closure. For the straps I used an old web belt and overall buckles--you could also make your own straps from canvas (sew a long piece, wrong sides together, into a tube. Turn the tube right side out and iron the tube so that the seam runs down the middle of the strap. Hide the seam by putting it toward the inside on your finished project.). Cover the ends of the web belt in scotch tape and melt it with a lighter (this keeps the belt from fraying). Sew one end of the belt pieces to the inside of the backpack. Position your overall buttons at the bottom of your backpack and feed the straps through the buckles. You can use rubber bands to keep the backpack straps in the right position for your child. Wallah! Easy as pie and you can use stuff that you have lying about the house. And it's great for kids to have the responsibility of carrying their own books and a few toys with them!

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