Sunday, June 29, 2008

Front Porch Pastimes

I have to say that I haven't watched TV in many months. Oh, I'll catch a film every other week or two, but I have to say that on the whole I'm way too busy for TV. Here we are, entertaining ourselves this evening on a nice shady front porch (temps got to about 93 F here today). Also notice our two biggest fans (it should tell you something that our two biggest fans always want us to stop playing music and throw a ball or spin them around the yard).


Another "gig" at the ESSN Annual meeting. ESSN is the Eugene & Springfield chapter of Jobs with Justice. Only half the band is in the pictures...we were all spread out. Hopefully more pictures from someone else's camera. The band, Low Tide Drifters (LTD-not to be confused with Lane Transit District), plays old-timey/country/punkish/folk/beachmont blues (like piedmont, but with a coastal feel). I might have made some of that up. I'll post songs when we get some decent recordings! Vocals/ Lead Guitar - Nathan James, Vocals/Banjo - Kate, Harmonicas - Dennis, Vocals/Guitar - Bayla, Percussion/Harmonies/Guitar - Joseph. Sitting in on this one, the great Mark Ross on fiddle.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fuzzy Pink Bathrobe Project

How many things can you make from one fuzzy pink bathrobe? I recently received a hand-me-down pink bathrobe from my aunt. I loved the material, but just couldn't see myself wearing it. I've been sewing just long enough to look at every piece of clothing I find as fabric that might really want to be something else (i.e. a fuzzy pink owl trapped in the form of a bathrobe). So I decided to see how many different things I could make from this one robe. This is just one form of recycling folks...patch it, quilt it, make it into something else! Just don't throw it away!

Low Tide Drifters on May Day

Okay, so not a great pic, but here we are getting out there and playing some tunes at the Grower's Market on May Day. Holy Crap! Live entertainment! Where's the TV screen? Seriously, if people start doing this all over the place it WILL be an analog uprising! Come on people, give it a try--it's just like reality TV.
(yes, the pic was taken on a digital, ahem. And yes, I'm the one behind the curly head)