Sunday, July 6, 2008

Freedom from Work

The 4th was a great day off with a neighborhood barbecue. The band played a few tunes with abandon...and a little beer. Fireworks were visible over the back fence and Bay put in a new fire pit in her back yard.

Entertain yourself this summer! A fire pit is incredibly good fun in and of itself...a few friends and a warm blaze can be just right on a summer evening (or early morning).

The band (referred to previously as Low Tide Drifters, but having another name crisis - help! Give us a reply if you think of something good - we're looking for something vaguely political/catchy. It would be great if the name was unforgettable and incredibly clever) will be playing at the Oregon Country Fair on Saturday - we'll be busking near the cupcake cart....Divine Cupcake has fabulous tasty vegan organic cupcakes. I'm not vegan and they still taste fantastic!

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